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“The Edible Garden” Nursery

Nessie Johnson and Cathy De Felice decided to take me up on my offer to any PDC graduate to help me transform my small backyard nursery into a larger cooperative nursery focused on plants that are useful to permaculture designers. They have taken the operation to a new level with over 1000 plants in the nursery and others on their way. One of their first clients was a major local health food store, Nature’s Food Patch.

Starting out with little knowledge of permaculture plants, Nessie and Cathy have learned the needs and behavior of more than 100 different plant species, many of them edible perennials that are not familiar to most Americans, yet are loaded with nutrition. They are now educating others about where to place them in their yard and how to care for them, as well as how to create delicious meals with them. Nessie, as a vegan and a great cook, is a natural for this task. This is the first official business that has incubated from Grow Permaculture's mentoring program. We provided mentoring, plant starts, seeds, soil, and amendments.

There are side benefits to caring for a nursery - both women are creating abundant Edible Gardens in their own yards from cuttings and seeds collected from the nursery.