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Creating a food forest on campus

Rae Shirsat was inspired after completing her PDC course in early 2012 to travel to Africa and change careers. She is now working as LEED AP HCC Sustainability Specialist for Hillsborough Community College and is using permaculture principles in that program. She has gotten the go ahead to create a large food forest on this campus of 50,000 students! She started the project by calling for some design charrettes, bringing community and college students together to create a design that meets multiple needs. The next phase of this project will be to complete the design and plan and execute the first stage of soil building and planting. This forest will have many opportunities to capture the interest of thousands of students and Rae is planning to create quite an impact. She is also upgrading the recycling program for the college and working on a Beyond Sustainability Conference focused on sustainable and regenerative finance techniques.