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Permaculture as a career

From Florida Earthship PDC grad Diann Dirks: It was so sweet to be reminded of our Permaculture course in Florida March 2009. Since then I have been using so much of what I learned and integrated there. Right after completing the course I taught 3 series of classes in organic gardening – 13 classes all told at the local libraries and at a local forming sustainable farm. I became a paid consultant on the creation of a community garden for a Jewish Temple, consulted at a CSA to increase yield, as well as a multitude of private gardens. And one of my students formed a CSA after taking my classes. I created my own school, Mother's School of Self-Reliance, which has taken off, and I have been giving classes between one and three course days a week since January 2009. Classes have included hand sewing, sprout bag making, sprout bag growing, sprout bread making, and seed propagation classes.

I have also incorporated so much of what I learned in putting in 1800 sq. feet more garden space. And I have been growing some food all winter, even in sub-freezing weather.
Soon after the course I set up a community garden in our own area and am the Director. Since then we have acquired a 22′x60′ professional steel green house which was built in the Spring 2010 on the garden site for propagation and year-round growing of food.

I also founded a local farmers market that enjoyed a successful season in 2009, and participated and help found another one beginning in fall 2010, and participated in one all last summer selling instant raised bed gardens which helped over 100 new garden beds to be set up in people's yards which extended already growing gardens or allowed gardens to be set up where people had never gardened before.

I have been interviewed twice on the radio, and have been writing articles for the local newspaper on sustainable issues all year and have my own column now called "Surviving the Times".
I was on the panel of the film "Fresh" after the film was shown, and have a booth where I will be promoting my school, community garden, and selling seeds.
I founded 2010's first City of Auburn Garden Expo and did a seminar on Permaculture Princliples to about 25 people.

Our teachers Wayne (Weisman) and Koreen Brennan told me I should teach so I have been. And I have grown enough food and herbs over the last year to provide a vast amount of food for myself and my husband, as well as sell at the farmers market. I have a .7 acre steep hillside yard which is 1/3 zone 5 (wild), with a house and large lawn which gradually I have been converting into garden by raised beds and terracing.

Anyone visiting the Atlanta area need only call for a tour. (678) 261-8141

Diann Dirks, Certified Permaculture Designer